Saturday, 25 July 2009

my hobby?

this holiday, i really take a full advantage of it..
huhu.. i mean this is d only chance to do what u cant while being in moscow,
things like enjoying d foods n hanging out with friends...
people asking me what is my hobby..
when i was a child, my answer gonna be reading books, gardening, surfing d net..
but as i grow up, i think they r not..
i do love playing tennis since primary school..
=).all my siblings love it..

.fuad came back beberape hari lepas,,

so yesterday we all out to the court,,
playing this game..
fuad still good as b4 i guess..

aku tetibe terigt first time blaja main was a bit teruk.. not a bit, a nightmare kot..
in this 8 years i had 4 rackets..huhu.. d first 1 was a gift from my cousin,
d 2nd n 3rd was a wilson, n d latest was a babolat..
i used to be a really hot tampered player(dulu2 la..sekarang x kot..huhu..)
d 2nd racket broken after a game time tu,
but after about 6 months using it,
then came d day when i played so badly i felt like so frustrated n somehow,

i did make some recording bout the stroke petang semalam,,
after thinking about writing my hobby in my blog..
i think d video quality was a bit teruk kot..
sorry kalo x nampak bola tu ..hihi..

fuad with his style.currently in kolej mara seremban doing his A level .haha.. this year, hes d one who going to do selection for his college.. but die x main kot..nak pekse la katekan..

i always wanted to play in russia,,but somehow d court was really limited and gile xpensive cam hape sampai terhlang terus niat nak main kat sane..hihi..
kalau kat jb ni, d academy was just 200 m from my house and we just need to pay about rm 6 for 1 hour,,
in moscow, d sport complex where we all used to play futsal, theres 2 tennis court there..if im not mistaken, the rental was about 1500r per hour(almost rm 150)..thats a really big diff i guess..
so i think im going to enjoy playing this while ive d time untl d day saye balik ke moscow nnti..
yg boleh bawak bukannye d racket,, tapi....
kenangan main masa cuti..
thats all..

iniler hobi saye ..
i really love it..
=)taken during end form 4..
doa semuge saye happy2 selalu..
btw semalam tido pukul 4.30 pagi..
tetibe best plak denga debate btwn ahmed diddad against a kristian priest..
entittled, ' is bible d words of God' n tonight i want to finbish up d 2nd part entittled 'is jesus a god'.a nice open debate n surely u not gonna regrat watching it..

pen off..


  1. video 1st tak syok sgt.coz tak nmpk pape :).2nd orait skit.weh bwk la racket blk

  2. haha..
    takut orh nak main kat sane..
    x cam mahal la plak kat soyuz tu..
    tah pape je akk tuh..
    muke da lerr ketat semacam..
    garang tah pape..
    xx frenly langsung..
    acik yg jage kat msia jugak yg best..
    kalo pancing2 leh dpt free...

  3. haha.aiseh.soyuz cilanat tipu.kte try tmpt murah skit.pfu ke :)

  4. baju pujangga dua..
    batak sekejap.


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