Friday, 31 July 2009

conflict of d mind..

something dat i dont have d strength to talk out loud, but keep on torturing my mind

i really hate when people start judging n blaming d others due to their previous mistakes..
i really hate when people cant forgive others..
i really hate when people only looked only at 1 side n stereotyping d others...
i didnt hate d people,(i guess) but d fact that those things happened...

why keep on blaming dat person?? what if he had already learned from his mistakes n is trying hard himself not to repeat his mistakes ever again.. ape jadik kalau die dah insaf? sedangkan d other person keep on blaming n terus menghukum die sebab satu kesilapan lampau yg die lakukan.. is this what u used to call keadilan?? adil utk si pesalah?? itu yg layak die terime??
what is this??every people make mistakes ok.. nobody is perfect.. die nih dulu banduan, lepas kua jail, alim konon..tu gi bersihkan masjid nak tebang tabung masjid la tu... haish....

is it that hard to forgive d others?? U need to pay 4 it is it huh???
why u must keep dat person feelin guilty by keep on shutting ur mouth n says nothing while dat person x cam berbuih plak mulut..that hard meh to say its ok, im forgiving u..nothing la..its really ok.. is it that hard?? as if theres tonnes of gold in ur mouth huh?nape mesti nak buat die terus rase bersalah.. is it because of ur ego? ur pride is really dat high?? pride-less if u do those things?? x kan..x bermaruah sebab maafkan seseorang?? haha..jgn buat aku gelak la ok..

and why u must do stereotyping as if those people really as bad as d 1 ure camparing with..bapak borek anak rintik is it?? kalau bapak penagih, anak mesti penagih ke??? x kan??? so what is d problem?? rambut panjang je budak jahat, jalan kua kaki ayam je org miskin, kelua ngn kawan je budak lepak,
people are really not d same.. they must have their own reason to do something..even if u ask mat rempit, doing their race for what?? they will say 4 fun...c!! there's still a reason kan.??

unless that person is really stupid and giving d aswer like saje2 or wtv i dont care lah..
not talking bout d wrong act but more into tentang sesetengah org yg selalu melabelkan org lain,pliz la jgn..tolongg arrr JANGAN!!!! durh..

hush..y am i writing this things? coz i really SICK of it..
what goes around comes around kan?
if we keep on blaming others, 1 day people might blame us even for something very3 small things..
if we refuse to forgive others den one day people migh not forgiving u..
if we keep on stereotyping d others, 1 day people might do just d same thing toward us,


coz we r not perfectkan??..
we re nothing but a servant of Allah ..
insyaallah if we help each other,
khairu ummah can be achieved..
im not writing this to say that im good or anything..
we r just d same..
d servant who always make mistakes..
but its ok if we realize it n hope that we will become a better person for each coming days..
dedicated to me myself too..
coz even d writer is not good enough in handling hatred,
so better change ourself b4 thinking of chnging d others or even d society,
n for those who find those lines can give them something, then its urs..
terserah lah bagai mana kamu nk mentafsir segala isi2nya..
hope everything gonna be baik2 aje n dlm limpahan barakah yg Esa..
bersihkan lah hati ini ya Allah..

pen off..

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