Monday, 9 November 2015



Saturday, 10 October 2015

Let it go

                                         Let it flow.Just let it go.Easier said than done.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


when we were far apart, we blamed the distance, but sometimes we fail to appreciate them when they are soooo close to us.. we fail to realize how precious they are until the day they leave... the most sadist part is when you dont know how you were loved so much till this very day and continue living your life the way you live your life today..

p/s :Well, to be able to love itself is a great blessing, so why stop doing so?


pen off

Sunday, 8 February 2015


Day by day, hustling and struggling to keep her life going. Hiding all the sorrow and pain behind every single swing.. After all, without hurdles, life is nothing but a boring and uninteresting journey without a destination,, worse if accompanied by untruth faith.. what a sad life.. So, kuatkan amal, tawakkal lalu lanjutkan perjalanan! Senyum dan teruskan kehidupan..!


p/s : Turkish was one of the most wonderful people you might ever encounter in your travelling diary.. at least for me..

Pen off,

Saturday, 7 February 2015

It will

Ronda to Malaga took about 2 hours journey IF and only IF we drive non stop all the way.. After a short break for dinner, in our case was bread and butter with some salts and chips, we set off  that night, that night we slept in the rest area along the way and continue to the city by the break of dawn..

Fajr prayer never felt so cold than this one, winter season by the seaside, and there goes 5 of them .. took their time enjoying the moment, 1 things I learnt about catching sunrise n set is that it WILL leave you..

Yeah, people said the most painful goodbyes are the ones never said, but the heart already knows its over right? .. But worry not! inshaAllah with God's will, you will eventually meet them again.. One fine day, 1 fine day my friend!.. ^^


Pen off,

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Its a beautiful day

        So that day we raced our Mercedes A180 from Cordoba to Ronda, Spain to catch the sunset there.. 5 of us were nervous enough that none of us utter a single word, hoping that we could get the on time, Alhamdulillah.. upon arriving, the sky was pretty much clear. yeah,, its the golden hour!
Right after Ronda, we set off for Malaga to get some fresh morning air by the seaside..

Travelling with these people make you look forward what kind of beautiful day you are going to see next.. No matter where we sleep,, may it be on those soft bed in Madrid, the stuffy car in Salamanca, even in the Barcelona train station, Its just every single thing in life feels beautiful and meaningful the moment you decide it is.

p/s : when everything seems to end, then only you realize how precious they really are.. well, after all we are human,, For now, take one thing at time and lets live in the present..
Its a beautiful day~~ tetiba ingat si Michael Buble.. kbai!
good day guys! .. ^^


pen off,

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

You and Me

When we stay too long doing the same thing and repeating the same cycle, we'll find nothing but a very small world.. Try to set your aim high and dream big, for that if cant reach for the stars, you'll land on the beautiful moon,, (sounds terbalik rite? be realistic wei..belok sy suka hati sy lah kan).. Pray that Allah will always open our eyes to see beauty of Him and His creations even in the smallest and ordinary things. aminn..

For his big ambitions, his vast experiences and his complicated sets of emotions, we human have soo many potential within us that we should not limit our self to a certain par. up up and away.. of course la people said lagi tinggi terbang, lagi sakit jatuh,, but hell yeah, who cares! doa dan tawakkal lepas tu senyum dan teruskan kehidupan lah kan..^^

Went to makTok's place yesterday, we had some quality time together,,, unlike the usual long few days visit, this one was a day trip but the quality was never like before,, long stories, good accompany, and of course those beautiful smile n laughter of atok and the siblings, our kakjah is going back to Alex the day after tomorrow punya tomorrow (hambar), better request some good pavlova n foods before she flying back,,

P/s :  Taken during our visit in Switzerland, the majestic Titlis surrounded by his mighty knights. You could brag about travelling around the continent all you want, but for not visiting Swiss, its like not being in Europe at all at the first place, macam makan burger takde patty? Ikea meatball without the sauce, and of coz, nasi lemak x de sambal derr..


pen off,
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