Saturday, 11 October 2014

the faces that i miss so much..

they looked retarded, they act like retards, they ARE retarded, yet i still love every single of them.. thank you for everything !

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

of Paris and Love

hooo... last post was when im still a student..woot2.. how time flies.. ya Allah... Alhamdulillah.. done with everything..lapor diri with JPA, done with MMC, submitted everything to KKM and ya.. now menjadi penganggur kehormat till December since my name was not included for the october intake by KKM.. dont know if i should be thankful atau tidak when i saw it on MOH website 2 weeks ago in singapore.. anyway ya.. i guess gonna use this blog yg usang lagi tua ni to fill this empty gap left by my lovely 'student rutine'  *coughblood  

since august, ive been doing some photography works for weddings, prewed, solemnisation and even videography for one of the event.. ye lah, maklum, penganggur while doing these, terperasan dlm laptop buruk ni, tonnes of photos from my jalan2 around which i didnt share n upload in fb.. terasa nk hias this page with loads of photos from my journey, may it be with friends, alone or families.. i just love to travel sooooo much.. ya Allah..rindunya la hai.. 

went to rumah Malaysia for tarawih, n met this beautiful adik.. well ya of coz,, i wish i could get to know her better.. but x sempat lah dik..ada rezeki jumpa lagi ye.. who knows.. this 1 kakak  told me once, "syahir ni datang Paris dah sampai 4 kali,, mcm balik kampung pulak.. hurmm.." Kerja tuhan tu tak ada siapa yg tahu kn.. Kalau dia gerakkan hati kita for something (or even someone..krik..krik..krik..) , aturan Dia juga lah yg akan jadi.. a close brother use to say this to me, "Kita merancang, Allah juga merancang, but ingatlah yang Allah tu sebaik2 Perancang"..

for now.. this is it.. bye2!!

pen off,

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


When we have a dateline, we feel that time flies very fast,, before we realize it, 1 day has already passed.. it hits me direct while i was walking to class this morning..Itu baru hal2 kecil atas muka bumi ni,, If we really realize that our 'dateline' in this dunya will finally come 1 day,, will we act like the way we acted today? will we live our life the way we always do until this very day ? 

p/s : Cepatnya lahai minggu ini berlalu hampir ke hujungnya.. Dia lebih tahu tentang hamba2Nya..             Allahurobbi, tabahkan hati ini... aminn

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Of winter, Pencetus ummah and me..

terlalu lama menyepi, musim cuti semester sudah seminggu di lalui, winter tahun ni masih nampak segan2 nak cecah -10 .. apatah lagi -20 like usual.. the whole last week i spent in 'Apple House' was one awesome week.. Alhamdulillah, syukran Allah for giving me such a good friends. Haa... malam-malam macam ni, seronok rasa nak menukil apa2.. terlelap sebentar lepas keluar dinner dengan the 'Mindef guys' a.k.a my 2nd family here..they are from RMC (Royal Military Collage) They called it their 'batch's birthday' ..Its their 10th birthday.. Layankan lah, after all , its good to know that they appreciate their togetherness when some of us will never give a damn to such thing.. I would be lying if i say i'm not jealous of them, but what to do? I'm the only Samura guy left here in Moscow.. haish.. Ours gonna be on 8th of  February , (if i'm not wrong)  haha, i wonder if there are still any of Samurian b24 remembered it.. haha no worries, just a random thought.

Only the 2nd week of holiday but somehow it feels like forever.. Ok, back to the main reason why i want to write something at this very time. Haaaa.. (deep breath) .. Like always, when im a lil bit bored in the mid of the day, i would scroll my facebook timeline on my cracked scratched htc One looking for something to read or watch,, weather its an article, match highlight or anything that is worth reading or watching.. After all facebook is a good thing if we use it wisely.

 It was last 2 week when i suddenly realized that i haven't 'cry' for quite sometime. I don't know why but somehow it shoot me right to my mind just before i close my eye that night,but neglect it and told myself that dont be too melancholic particularly at the middle of this cold winter season. somehow i managed to sleep afterward. Thank you Allah.. =) A few days later, somehow while scrolling my facebook timeline before sleep (like always), i end up watching this one video. My friend posted it . Thank to you my dear friend. It was from the 'Pencetus Ummah'. this program had been showing for quite sometime but at that particular night, orang melayu panggil 'tergerak hati' lah to watch some of the contestants  giving speech. I end up watching this young guy, im not sure how old is him, seems to me that hes around my age,handsome, good sense of humor,  giving a wonderful tazkirah about the story of Masyitah, 

Haa, macam mana ? pergi tak penyampaian nya ? I dont know about the others, but this really touched me.. Fuhh.. lepas sekian lama, rupa2nya Allah jadikan this video sebagai jalan untuk melembutkan hati, melentur nurani yang terlalu lama mengeras tanpa siraman.. Moga Allah mudahkan urusan daku, dan kamu di luar sana,, untuk sama2 lebih mendekatkan diri dengan Pencipta, dan terus berjiwa hamba..inshaAllah..

“Belum tibakah saatnya bagi orang-orang yang beriman untuk khusyu’ hati mereka karena dzikir [mengingat dan menyebut nama] Allah dan kebenaran [Al-Qur'an] yang turun…” 
(. Al-Hadid : 16)

Culture shock sedikit dengan beberapa perkara yang berlaku di sekeliling diri,, mudahan Allah tabahkan hati untuk diri ini, menjadi lebih tabah, sabar dan kuat menghadapi hari2 mendatang.. macam mana nak jadi doktor yang kental ni, kalau jasmani dan rohani tak diisi dan dilatih kuat2.. fuhh.. Ok sambung cuti..

last year's winter. A frozen lake behind my hostel. still waiting for the right time this winter though
p/s : Another 2 weeks and i'll be in Istanbul for my last winter trip. exploring Turkey for 2 weeks inshaAllah.. and  between that ? Ma asked me to do some aerobic haha , brisk walking (winter nih =.= ) , and others, we will see lah ma ye.. :) Salam

pen off..
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