Wednesday, 4 March 2009

life is not always easy..

life is not always easy..

problem here n there..
frenz come n go..
today will not be the same as yesterday
everyday seems dark without iman...
should we bother out what we felt now??
compared to what will we face tomorrow?
respect must b earned,not to be asked..
maybe starting from tomorrow we will
be separated by the land n time..but
hopefully that one time we will be
together like b4..
share the joyz n smilez..
share all the pain n gain..
just like b4..
nothing will be perfect just like what
we want it to be..
but pray to God hope that the
relationship that has been knotted
will be always fine..
miss the past time very much..
let the time lead the life..
bring us to where we should be..
give our best shot 4 a better life..
distance does not ruin the memories.
coz frenz means a lot to me..


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