Sunday, 22 February 2009


sunday morning slalunye x de buat ape2 xcept gi usrah n futsal league.. but hari ni usrah batal sebb tangguh gi hari nih cam kitorg just gi league futsal je..but hari nih berat skit game nye..currently dalam league we all at 7.. mmg gile place pernah sampai kat number 5,,haih..

hari ni, match against heroes(3rd in league) n soleus(2nd in d league)cam ala2 promoted team nak lawan ngn arsenal n chelsea lerr nih dalam satu hari yg, just at least lepas ke champions league abis season nih, best 8 team.. go zombi kampung pisang.. u can do it..

mmg tough game lerr..time dengan heroes, first half kene hentak 2-0.. but somehow,lepas tuka2 skit,, we managed to catch up 2-2.. (bapak bangga dapat score dgn heroes..)seriously theyre really good physically, strength, skills, n speed.. their shots are like hell.. apek ras sepak pon x kuat cam tu..but then, late in d 2nd half, they somehow managed to score another 1 , n add up another 1 just b4 d game end.. so end up dengn 4-2..shit.. i really wanna have something from d game... at least a point lerr..

2nd ngn soleus, 1-0 doen in first half, den somehow qaiyum managed to score to level d score.. n paling x leh belah cara soleus dapat 2nd goal..although people might see it as a good goal , but not for me,, sorry to say guys.. it came from a corner, we r doing substitution,its a keeper sub, kumbang masuk ganti matthiew..2 tgh sesak2 kat depan tuh, tetibe ref datang dekat, terus kasi yellow card.. aku cam tergamam je tgk, ape jadah dah jadi,,pastu a few second after angkat yellow card, die tarik balik, no yellow card sebenrnye..bapak lawak ape..kitorg tgh gelabah2 dengan ref tu tetibe soleus terus sebat corner ke tgh box., n pai dgn x semena2 tap d ball dgn ape pon aku x tau, but yg aku sure d ball roll in bcoz die of dat dive..lebih kurang gitu lerr description goal tu, dat time i really speechless..haih..
mmg SDB gak la..but maybe we all pon salah gak kot.. maybe we should be a bit tougher in mentality kot.. just bcoz of d ref situation we all dah jadi kelam kabut,, n in football, no such thing as silly mistakes,, lagi2 kalau lerr face ngn striker cam pai.. laju skillful n a good pretender gak..haha..(ala2 abang die katenye,, ronaldo..haha.. blasa kang..hak3)

over all, end of d day, things seems like going someway uneasy a bit for zombi kampung pisang, maybe sebb masing2 pon x puas hati dengn game tadi.. maybe if we improve a bit n control our immotion during game, we can perform better...

d reason 4 i write these stupid things is that i really burstout with those things yg berlaku ari nih... ape lerr.. n end up dengan injuries yg agak pedih gak la..haih.. x pe2.. sabar2.. maybe tuhan nak uji kite..go3.. boleh buat insyaallah.. n i purposely think i need to learn how to be more see some teammates had a small quarrel.. although i wanna give my opinion too, but maybe i would only add more sparks to them..

its ok to do mistakes.. n most important thing is on how we r gonna get up from it..its ok to be feel a bit upset n guilty but thats how our life gonna flow..
as long as we accept n admit dat it is our mistakes with open heart n sincerely,, everything surely gonna be just fine..hihi..actually to b honest even i really dissapointed with how d thing goes on, but maybe without we realizing it, actually somehow these kind of things gonna tighten d relationship between metter what chill n cheer up..
go3 kur..leh nyer lerr.. nothing to be sad of(tipoo..haha. )

ZOMBI KAMPUNG PISANG..haha(it was my idea actually, balik name nak poyo2 cam best je support film masia...promote2..haha
malam nih usha skit phylum aschelminthes n segala suku sakat die.. coz hari rabu tatiana nak test..pasti cam biasa lah.. waktu untuk mimpi indah..night..
semoga allah kasi pinjam nyawa lagi esok..aminn..hihi..
slamat malam russia,, slamat pagi msia..hihi..

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