Monday, 6 May 2013

Spring scents

   Sedar x sedar, dah pun masuk  spring .. Done with  therapy final.. preparing for Surgery and gynecology the day after tomorrow.. syukur kerna masih diberi nafas utk berpijak atas bumi cinta ini.. mudahan Allah mudahkan urusan diri utk terus mengejar cintaNya.. 

   So last week, we had our spring gathering, meeting friends and spent some nice time together.. masing2 sibuk dengan cycle yg berbeza, namun aktiviti cukup menjadi medium pengikat antara kita.. 

Kasih abah bawa ke Syurga.. InshaAllah..

konflik hati #PRU13

Sometimes i sits and thinks, and sometimes i just sits..

Akif with his beautiful eyes

   The next day , we had a surprise birthday party for this one nice friend of mine, extremely good in baking , and honestly shes the one who introduced photography to me... =).. introducing Miss Liyana Nadia binti Zulkifli..

     Im taking this opportunity to promote her website ( Into the oven  )..Various cupcakes , cakes, brownies and many other pastries.. Beautiful and tempting isn't it ? yeah I know.. hee..even my mom is a fan of hers since the last time she got some air time on TV9 for some Ramadhan program..

The birthday girl

gp89 surprise birthday party.. perfect 1Malaysia i guess ?
Espana*  (last trip)

how it brings happiness to us.. (Espana*)

p/s : Demam PRU13 masih x habis lagi.. buka fb , twitter pun naik muak dengan segala asam garam GE ni.. cuma terus dalam doaku biar yang Haq itu tertegak di bumi Malaysia.. umm, lagi...application for practical x hantar lagi.. still x decide to go for GH Sultanah Aminah or district in Kulaijaya.. plus plan for Aussie visit this summer pun belum finalize lagi.. gonna finish all this and then only start thinking about this holiday / school trip (Akmal abby will be with me there.. meeting fuad, botak, Su 5Arif most wanted.. lol) 
xsabar.. -____-

Pen off..


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