Sunday, 28 April 2013

Canon 135mm f2L- of St. Basil and Arbat street

last weekend we decided to have a stroll along Arbat Street until Red Square in the heart of Moscow, it  was a fine day, with beautiful people spending the weekend with their love ones..,Me n Kobe decided to give our new gear a try here..He came with his new 50mm f1.4 and me with this new ' girlfriend '.. hihi .some random photo on the street..before we went back home. It has been quite sometimes since our last outing together, put those blame on Pediatrics, infectious, and ENT cycle.. All praise to Allah the almighty for giving us this opportunity to at least have a break and see the world spinning..  (constructive criticism are most welcome.. =)

St. Basil cathedral 

Jewel on the street

The colour of passion 

The unseen Love

My art speaks for me

I'm the Boss..

Renungan lisanku.. 

somehow i find this painter REALLY look like my favourite Iker Casillas, maybe in 10 years ? hope u gonna be well San Iker..! 

Searching for the unknown

My partner in crime.. Danial the traveler.. =D hes one fine guy (promoting ).. =)

Because laughter is the best medicine

Love blooms

With you till my last breath

p/s : wish me luck for my next posting,, it gonna be the long long surgery and gynecology cycle with loads of travelling... hope everything gonna be just fine.. inshaALlah.. hv a good day guys..

 Pen off..


  1. Wa'alaikumussalam warahmatullah,

    Nak comment tentang grammar boleh?
    The phrase should be 'partner in crime'.

    All the best Kur Kur!

  2. terima kasih arif..noted!! =D.. x perasan pulak.. hee...
    hope you are doing well juga kat sana..
    batch kite Jan08 dah habis kan ?
    all the best too u too.. rindu betul kat semua.. T.T


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