Friday, 17 April 2009

waa.. to kak yaya n abg akhsar..haha

im gonna be an uncle..
just knew dat my cousin gonna have a baby later this year..
im d last person to know bout that in d family..
haha..x kesah,, saye tetap happy sgt3..=)
currently in london..
but somewhen around july will b back in msia..
but somehow seems like i'll not b there..
to c d baby coz im gonna b back here on d 26th august..
and d happy day gonna be on d 6TH SEPT..
waa..aku x de lagi kat situ..
manjang je lepas big2 event..haha
melepas lagi~~(lagu S.M Salim)

ade anak buah?
someone calling me 'uncle'?
kene kasi dwet raye?

x sampai masenye lagi utk aku fikir sume2 tuh..

p/s: congrate abg akhsar n kak yaya..
wish both of u all d best..
happy slaloo n take care always..

pen off..

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