Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Life and Love

Some people said, you can have dreams and you can be hopeful, but none of them told you that both can be so hurtful it might crack you into pieces if you do it wrongly.. after all, human are so unpredictable and fragile.. the worst part of us is that we failed to realize that somehow people changed every second.. every single second..

fefeeling throwback after this long road, when everything is about to come to an end.. yet its not necessarily a bad thing to happen because for everything that end marks a new beginning of something else..

see, how much I've grown up after spending some quality time together with friends, it was probably one of my most beautiful trips coz it makes me realize who is the person within me,,, and yeah,, lets continue finding more about him for another 2 years in the strange land far-far away.. well, I'll give some credits to the lovely members of the trip as well.. *kenyit sikit ^^

p/s : one of my favourite couple shot in 2014, its just that i feel so sorry that i cant make it to your beautiful day nanti Pai n yana.. T_T and many thanks too to a friend of mine who actually make me remember i still have this blog lapuk. Oh gosh, it was so freaking dusty. Last post was 4 months ago?? durh
(_ _")


pen off

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