Thursday, 5 February 2015

Its a beautiful day

        So that day we raced our Mercedes A180 from Cordoba to Ronda, Spain to catch the sunset there.. 5 of us were nervous enough that none of us utter a single word, hoping that we could get the on time, Alhamdulillah.. upon arriving, the sky was pretty much clear. yeah,, its the golden hour!
Right after Ronda, we set off for Malaga to get some fresh morning air by the seaside..

Travelling with these people make you look forward what kind of beautiful day you are going to see next.. No matter where we sleep,, may it be on those soft bed in Madrid, the stuffy car in Salamanca, even in the Barcelona train station, Its just every single thing in life feels beautiful and meaningful the moment you decide it is.

p/s : when everything seems to end, then only you realize how precious they really are.. well, after all we are human,, For now, take one thing at time and lets live in the present..
Its a beautiful day~~ tetiba ingat si Michael Buble.. kbai!
good day guys! .. ^^


pen off,

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