Wednesday, 2 September 2009

i'm back

finally got my internet..
surely,, i was a hard 1st week,,
like d other moscow student too..
u'll know when u're here..
n rite now..
with my new roomates, Ayie,,

we were both really in love with Cyberjaya Medical School...
byk faedah woo di sana,,
but its ok lah..
bersyukur dengan apa yg ada.,
n try ur very best yerr syahir..
btw wanna wish a very good luck to Mur,,
nxt week gonna be ur UPSR lerr ,,
jgn men2 sgt @ over confident yerr..
waiting for d chance to go n skype with fam ASAP..
n back to business now..
come on2..
wish me luck..

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