Monday, 8 June 2009

throw out of kilter...

suddently tonight,i felt so empty,
filled with hatred,,
annoyed and pissed off,,
umm, yesterday,
learned something new i guess,,
never disturb ili takes anything which is not urs,,
umm,abselutely rite..
waiting for chemisty xm,,
and its killing me..
maybe should do something other than keep on wondering things that are abselutely ridiculous..
sometimes i just dont understand what did i do yesterday,
and just cant imagine what am i gonna do tomorrow..
people said that everything that happened had their own reasons..
i just cant see through it..
just the pain of a thousand needles piercing here n there..
maybe should stay put n doing nothing more..
should back to basic kot..
really will let the time lead this time..
coz I did not find it,
but how it has come, and find me.
I have an opportunity in react,
it wrapped it around in my warm.
Night as a thief,which come and go.
even d moon says nothing other then let he go,
following what he should do...
d sunnatullah that had been told to him..
I have nothing, but the visual reflex.
Until the opportunity to come back,
dont even know if there gonna be 1 but,
I will just let my thoughts dance in the wind.


  1. wow syahir, where did u learn all dis?! touching la..hehe
    anyway, suka music lgu ni wktu awal2.

  2. trimas,hihi,
    x de lerr,
    saje x de keje..umm
    some parts pernah terbace somewhere..
    btw lagu tuh kisah cintaku by peterpan.
    indonesia mali..


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