Saturday, 27 June 2009

harge 3 cup of McFlurry kat perling mall...

today i woke up in d morning with 1 mission,,
go to mur's school to take his report card on bhalf of my parent,,
they cant make it since both of them in charge for the registration of new student
there in UTM skudai..
act mur need to b there early in d morning(8 if im nt mistaken),
but to bad,
going with me, i cant simply join all the parents to listen to those talks n motivation session..
so we left ini rumah at 12,,huhu..take the number and start our waiting session..
durh..seriously i hate waiting.. so i simply take a walk in dat hall, i met my teachers there..
buy some time by chatting with them,,and then only number 40 being called..
haha..finish with d meeting,, mur and i sat in d car,
and suddenly he said that it would be nice if we have some mcFlurry..
at first i was like having quite a bad feeling for this, but since d mall was just about 200m from where i parked d car,i simply agree with him,,
then only this thing happened,
while i was on my way to push d button on d machine so that d rod rose up,dan seterusnye mmbolehkan saye enter d car park,tibe2..
my car gatal2 mau cium bumper depan kte belakang pulak...
ok let me write this so that from d readers view like im d one who at d wrong side,,(mmg sala aku pon..)
i went too fast to d front until i pass d machine, so i reversed a bit,, since pesona's bonnet is quite high, so i didnt realize that an alfa romeo was really behind me, and within 2 sec,
warh,,,, wth,,,,
i go out from my car,
run to d machine and make dat historical rod go up, (aku x kan lupekan ko dow wahai palang yg berbelang2)
drive a bit and park near by..
going out of my car with wat we call 'muke suci', (i dunno if i had 1)
and met with dat alfa romeo driver,,,
a big guy, real big man,, since hes much2 bigger den me, with his kalut face,
like dunno anything,,keca2..
so i went to see how his car is..first i saw a few scratches..
and then a small crack,,
a small crack?? and wanna talk much..(dat 1 i didnt speak out loud there..haish)

bang, maaf la bang,, saya x perasan la.. kite pon tersilap jugak, x sengaja la bang...bla3....

ni bukan ape dik, crack nih, kalo nak ganti beribu nih,, stakat calar tu abg x crack nih kene ganti sume bumper depan nih"

i was like,, wtfish.. for d small crack of as big as 3 cm long with d width of sebatang lidi sate,..

x kan nak beribu bro.. mane saye mampu, kalau beratus tu mungkin bole lerr saye ikhtiarkan..

trying skill meraih simpati..haha
lastly i called my dad,
let he talked to this guy,
as he talked to abah,
what else u xpect me to do??
i oso dunno wat to do time tu..
other den bace ayat kursi,, aku hembus kat depan muke bro tu..
harap2 atie die lermbut lerr senng lepas dugaan nih..
a few min after that, everything has been settled,i gave him my number, address and a few photos of d cars, even my I/c.. haih..
dah abis sume,, i ask mur jom la gi beli aiskrim mur..firstly he said that,,
caer,, mur cam da x de mood la,.
sian je aku dgr..
i said lerr
its ok lerr..mur pegi la beli abang tunggu dlm kete
cam x bebaloi lerr klu da undergo sume tu but go back ngn tangan kosong...
so i parked dengan penuh berhemah there, ask mur to go to d mcD inside while i stayed in d car,
thinking and trying to b +ve..
i gave abah a call..saying that im really sorry for those thing that happened just now..huh..
how sad..
abah told me that, its ok je.. he said dat kadang2 abng kene belaja gak care nak hidop..
excel dlm study je x cukup..(abang mne de xcel lorh dlm study, hidop tu mmg saye ngaku saye kene blaja lg yerr bah..haha)
makan skit aiskrim tu dlm kete smbil mengenang nasib,,
then only we went back,hoho,
fikir2 balik, maybe tadi terlupe nak bace doa naik kenderaan kot..
tu lerr manusie,, da susa br nak igt tuhan..
cmon syahir..dugaan2...
stay cool n be urself..bole2..
susa utk aku pegang stereng kete tu balik,,
x pe lerr..hopefully gonna b just fine ..
psanih maybe nak ajak ayil gi shopping ..
nak beli kasut futsal..
and for sure this time yil,,
u drive me to angsana k..
i think i type to much here..
and really feel like need to stop now..
surely today was quite a long day 4 me,
after a few days lying helplessly dlm bilik x buat ape2..
harap sgt x de lerr bende2 pelik lg lepas nih..

pen off...


  1. ayo, so sad. Be strong yeah, sume tuh ader la hikmah nyer!!

  2. aminn...
    thankz mi..
    "bawak kete berhati2" kate kur2 kepade rakan2nye..

  3. hahaha...crack kecik gitu pon bahaye??

  4. bukan bahaye crack kecik... bahaye sebab die alpha sehhh.

  5. huhu.
    ak pon penah jd cam nih.

  6. kk,
    kau da ada lelesen eh?


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