Wednesday, 8 October 2014

of Paris and Love

hooo... last post was when im still a student..woot2.. how time flies.. ya Allah... Alhamdulillah.. done with everything..lapor diri with JPA, done with MMC, submitted everything to KKM and ya.. now menjadi penganggur kehormat till December since my name was not included for the october intake by KKM.. dont know if i should be thankful atau tidak when i saw it on MOH website 2 weeks ago in singapore.. anyway ya.. i guess gonna use this blog yg usang lagi tua ni to fill this empty gap left by my lovely 'student rutine'  *coughblood  

since august, ive been doing some photography works for weddings, prewed, solemnisation and even videography for one of the event.. ye lah, maklum, penganggur while doing these, terperasan dlm laptop buruk ni, tonnes of photos from my jalan2 around which i didnt share n upload in fb.. terasa nk hias this page with loads of photos from my journey, may it be with friends, alone or families.. i just love to travel sooooo much.. ya Allah..rindunya la hai.. 

went to rumah Malaysia for tarawih, n met this beautiful adik.. well ya of coz,, i wish i could get to know her better.. but x sempat lah dik..ada rezeki jumpa lagi ye.. who knows.. this 1 kakak  told me once, "syahir ni datang Paris dah sampai 4 kali,, mcm balik kampung pulak.. hurmm.." Kerja tuhan tu tak ada siapa yg tahu kn.. Kalau dia gerakkan hati kita for something (or even someone..krik..krik..krik..) , aturan Dia juga lah yg akan jadi.. a close brother use to say this to me, "Kita merancang, Allah juga merancang, but ingatlah yang Allah tu sebaik2 Perancang"..

for now.. this is it.. bye2!!

pen off,

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