Friday, 22 March 2013

le random me

salam guys,,
alhamdulillah the weekend is here... but that fact doesn't change anything.. tomorrow morning, we gonna have Paediatrics lecture at 8.30 till 12pm and continue with a philosophy subject starting from 3...zzZzZ
somehow, for this semester i've been getting so many the so called 'killer' teacher.. hurmm.. but i hope this will not make me feel down nor making my 2nd semester's life upside down..

umm, anyway alhamdulillah and syukur to Allah for giving me soo much in my 23 years of life, which i rarely appreciate.. astaghfirullah3x.. lets become a better muslim in every single thing we do, every breath we take, and every steps we make .. inshaALlah... =)

been thinking of doing some paediatrics kidney disease notes for Monday class alongside pharynx disease for ENT (ear,nose and throat).. hoo.. planning to visit Apple house tomorrow night, and have some meeting on Sunday which makes me feel i really need to have them done by tonight, inshaALlah..

thats all for this short update, really feel like writing lately.. wish me luck preparing for paediatrics final MCQ, 400 russian questions to be digested.. inshaAllah tade masalah ..aminn.. =)

p/s : I've been receiving quite a lot of traffic from ' Sunnyvale, California' lately, i wonder if its really some Malaysian visitor visiting my blog or some random phishing website .. huu.. hopefully ada yang mendapat ibrah atau apa2 yg bermanfaat dari blog ni... anyway hv a good weekend and spend them wisely since time will always there if we want to make room for them..=) (a classmate of mine keep on blabbering on this phrase throughout this week -____- ..)
Espana 13'

pen off.. ^^

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