Friday, 18 January 2013

sepatah 2 kate..

off to SPAIN, PORTUGAL, and FRANCE in 2 days inshaAllah.. but before that,, haaa,, guess need to finish Epidemiology final esok.. and after that lets beterbangan ke bumi Andalusia menjejak bekas2 kaki Abasiah dan BEKAS kegemilangan..(yg pasti akan kembali i.A..^^)

lama x update kan, tau2 dah tahun baru.. and sooooo many beautiful and bitter things happened in these past 2 months,, haa,, Alhamdulillah is the best word to describe everything Allah had gave me..

x sabar rasa... hee..^^

later ya.. kalau ada yg rindu, buat2lah (sila2lah) doakan buat pemilik diri ni..=D (as if theres sure there are at least 2.. haa... my mom n abah who surely gonna read this short note)

this photo was chosen by amad caer to be sent to SAMURA 30th year ceremony.. hee.. jambu gitu..homai... =P..

hv a good day guys..
salam..!! =)

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