Friday, 22 January 2010

cuti2 dulu..

off to london today..
alhamdulillah habis perikse..
so to start my first ever winter vacation,
we choose london n paris as my destinatn,
unlike last year, i spent the whole time in my room here in moscow,
this year, wanna try somethin different..
since todays temp. had already -22 here,
moscow maybe not a good place to hibernate..haha
visiting my auntie in newcastle would be nice,
meeting my friends in london abby,zac, setatn balan n d others,
walk around d 'city of love'..=P,
n lastly have a jaulah in lille from 2-6 of feb..
insyaallah,,pray 4 me ma ya...
rindu2 banget sih..
hopefully everything will go just fine..
n return back home safely..

anatomy n histology?
sorry to say but u guys x boleh ikot..
going to update some if i have the time there,
but for nowm bye2..
take care everyone..

pen off..


  1. haha syahir,
    jaga diri ouh :)
    kem salam akmal.
    and and and post gambar bebanyak tauu :D


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