Sunday, 22 November 2009



something which is too subjective to be described,
a friend of mine told me that,
care is something that u need to show,
den i asked my self, is it,
if we didnt show that we care,
is that mean we really do not care??
just x mampu nak mengiyakan kate-kate tu bile 1st time denga ..

no lerr,,
perasan x sebenarnye kan,,
there are people who care but do not really show it in front of other people,
there are people who really care but never tell d others dat they really are,
n there are people who really really really care for others, but never stop thinking bout them,
n they are always in his prayer, everyday, every moment..

ok cukup...

pen off,,


  1. yes,care is an abstract :D depends if u wanna show it or not but care is a need :D

    like this post ^_^

  2. care?
    sometimes, one might be a lil bit afraid in showing that he/she cares.
    perhaps, they simply dun know how to show their affection.

    papelah. somehow, someway i believed care can be felt, when its genuine n original.

    da mabuk ps. ok, cukup.


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