Saturday, 3 October 2009

ya lublyu biokhimiyu..(pulakkk)

finished my 1st controlnaya rabota (test) for biochemistry just now..
our biochem class going to be held every saturday, from 9am to 12pm,
almost 50 min from my hostel..

biochem is d subject that i scared d most..-___-
each every friday night, i slept at 4am..
every week since d first class started (4 weeks ago)..
to prepare for the biochem on d next day,
bcoz,the lecturer will ask questions about the things taht ure going to learn that week,something that u still dunno but u need to know or other wise she will be so angry and spoil d mood for the whole day,,

just now, when i woke up in d morning,
i felt xzly d same like d morning for first SPM paper,
seriously damn scared...huish..
my lecturer, madm Avdeeva,..
each everytime when a senior came to me and asked,"bro,who is ur biochem lec?"
surely end up with a big "HUISH, study hard la bro..hahahaha"

she teaches us very well, and during d xm, asking a very tough ques too..
hopefully i'll not fail n repeat this sub for next year,huish..
coz somehow , there are a few seniors who failed and being asked to retake this subject in their third year..susah orh..

pray 4 me k..=)..
wish everybody a good day too..
enjoy ur life to d fullest with d true way of life as guided=).

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